Thursday, January 13, 2011


On a recent field-trip, to check-out potential vendors of post & beam and SIPS (structural insulating panels) for a USEPA Energy Star residential project, I had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Vermont Timber Frames (VTF).  VTF and their associated Timberline Panel Division design, manufacture, fabricate, and install traditional timber-frames and super-insulating SIP wall/roof panels. Shown here (above) is their Hundegger K2 five-axis CNC timber cutting machine.  With high accuracy and speed, this machine can mill all manner of traditonal timber-frame joinery.
VTFs 4-sided Hundegger planer quickly turns rough-sawn stock into smooth columns, rafters, beams, etc...  Timbers are sent through the planner before joints are milled and again after for final dimensional sizing.

A partial view of VTFs custom-built, proprietary SIP laminating machine.
Another view of the SIPs laminater.  EPS foam blank (in background) and OSB skins (forground) are stacked and ready for laminating.
View of Douglas-Fir beam ends, prepared with tenons.  Wet appearance of wood is fresh application of proprietary, citrus-based, oil finish.
Column prepared with mortise.  Traditional, faceted, hard-wood peg will secure joint while actually pulling members together.
Another view of 8x8 columns prepared with mortises on two faces.
EPS foam blanks, weighed & recorded for quality control, ready to feed into SIP laminator.
Close-up view of SIP panel with foam removed to accept wood blocking.
Parked next to this interesting romantic style cottage while eating lunch in North Bennington.  Masonry siding is constructed from small cobbles (stones) about the size of large potatoes.
Another view of stone cobble siding.  Note unusual horizontal graduated coursing,  growing in size from bottom to top.